Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Radiator Reviews: James Van Wart - Embryonic Journey [Alternate Review]

Embryonic Stage.

I have to tell you the truth, it was so hard to write this review, and not just sit down and listen to the flowing grooves of Embryonic Stage by James Van Wart,. Such a good album for a rainy day and enjoying the soulful sounds cloud your eardrums, in a sedative way. It was very hard to just write about it. So here you go:

Muy Bueno Introduct-o suy gato de bien, !fiesta!. “I don’t want to go to school” begins an ecstatic, cool, and brilliant journey into a chic groove on a MSPAINT art covered album, Embryonic Stage, By James Van Wart III. A hilarious and honest approach or pathway into the great detail composed in the album’s entirety relaying society and your individual dreams.
Western ‘Espaniolish guitar and chilling symbols splashing off scorning dialogue in the distance “lets go, your going to be late’’, transiting into the track “Trainstop”, soo0oo smooth, melodious, YouTube birds tweeting on the branches and street signs as you bounce and stroll along with James’, and restrain yourself from turning back. Waiting at the stop you can’t help but wish you were home making the music on this album. The track ends, fades into the train arriving to a halt.
While sitting on the train, “no Print!”, must be the instrumental psychedelic kraut jam responsible for forgetting his homework, too laid back to let anything in the world bother you, as you just wonder off into to a dream along the strings plucking off into a cadence uncoiling into a spiraling staircase up to the clouds. Not much more to say about the 4th tracks surf-y staccato chugging, soulfully performed organ circulating and tossing your viscera into mumbo jumbo, “Going downtown to spend all my money” puzzles you back up, then like a hurricane storms you with more kraut staccato tossing your stomach upside down and inside out.

Rhythmic build up with toms and snare rolls, ”Late” navigates you on the trail to a sloppy scattered guitar solo coated in gold and silver. Lucrative you, gathers and shoves up all the epinephrine being released by the adrenal gland to the drumming into any pore, crevice, wound, and pocket, and X marks the spot! You get “Hit by a train”! Hopping melody and rhythm, pop-like vocals about watching someone so young they use to be alive, but the train took him for a ride out with mouth-trumpets, la-da-dawes, and slurring yawns.
Animal appearance howled by Gato the dog, James’ trusty sidekick. Then into the real song about not taking care of money, sardonically speaking about himself, then about the U.S.’s economy, we all can share some kind of … brokenness… so just take time to listen to the music.
Like the end of the album 11 and 11b I just don’t have motivation to sum this album up as a whole, so Monkey see, Monkey do, I hand summing up the album to you. 8.1

Download this album and have a listen:

reviewed by Glenn La Race Jr RADIATOR COLLECTIVE 2011

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