Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fuck Montreal - The Grim Sleeper

The grim sleeper immediately brings a very aggressive brand of noise. Bit of a warning, this track is Fucking LOUD, both in volume and intended effect, and it doesn't build up or or fade in it just dives right into the thrashy electronic beat blasting from blown out speakers and sped up. Couple that with shrill screams and over-the-top horror-movie lyrics like "you are going to die", it creates a somewhat headache inducing, un-enjoyable listening experience. Its very dark, and the lack of any kind of string or synthesizer melody leaves an empty space in the center of this track which is, towards the end, filled in by white noise. The Grim Sleeper may or may not be meant to give you nightmares, the over-the-top nature of it all seems to suggest that the band is just going all-out-experimental. Although it sounds like it was fun to produce it doesn't really feel seem to fit into Fuck Montreal's discography as much as it would in say that of Compostainer. If you appreciate noise and/or thrash metal this track is pretty interesting which Though given the right context i can still see this track being pretty hilarious and in other contexts listenable._Mohamed El-Darwish

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