Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rain/(Sun) - Let The Bugs In

Let The Bugs In, the first song from an impromptu songwriting and recording session, floats on a dissapating cloud of double delayed lead guitar. The raw dry acoustic guitar and soft breathy vocals keep the song at the level of a daydream. The lyrics deal with relatable concepts like irrational fears, the desire to live a more hollistic life and the natural world's wholeness compared to the sterelized emptyness of the indoors. The song could without a doubt be mixed better if it weren't recorded mostly in one take. The vocals are dreamy and slow paced, part out of breath and part fully-lunged. The drums are simple and straightforward, like the minimalist 2 chords used throughout. The entire song feels light and airy like it could float away at any moment leaving with it a trail of yet-unexplored musical concepts_Mohamed El-Darwish

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