Thursday, February 24, 2011

Radiator Top 10

1. Anchors by Fuck Montreal
The opening riff punches you in the balls and shattered cymbal crashes leave you shipwrecked in a garage or basement on a tumultuous ocean of sludge bass and a melting wall of guitar strings. Anchors displays Fuck Montreal finding sonic balance; using more of a typical song structure to fully realize their overall sound. On Anchors, Fuck Montreal sound as sharp and focused as ever hinting at great things to come._Mohamed El-Darwish

Fuck Montreal - Anchors

2. Miniluv by France & the Free Mansons
This song has it all, 1984 references, a love story, and the warmth and charm of a lo-fi folk production. The amazingly expressive dog howl brings the recording to a whole new level and is one of the best vocal performances i've heard from a dog recently._Mohamed El-Darwish

France & The Free Mansons - Miniluv

3. Sleep by Appleman & the Tapedeck
Appleman's beautifully blown out masterpiece screams "in wintertime, we are starting something." This song speaks for itself, breaking the frontier of sound and featuring an overlapping trombone and harmonica solo._Brandon William

Appleman - Sleep

4. Skeleton Head by Dandy Zander
This is a song i can imagine hearing at the bowling ally in The Big Lebowski. Zander recorded the entire track by himself, under influence of recent drug binges. This song has been rerecorded and can be found on the Dandy Zander myspace, but i personally recommend this original recording._Brandon William

Dandy Zander - Skeleton Head

5. Colours by Appleman & the Tapedeck
If one wonders what a psychedelic experience is like they may find some answers by listening to this song. It sounds happy, with lyrics you wouldn't expect, and displays a beautiful mastery of lo-fi sound. It talks about cutting your chest open, and connecting your heart tubes to your lover, "and red is the colour of blood. " Towards the end of this song an awesome, demented production-solo takes place, accompanied by a fluttering harmonica. The vocals are accented by one instance of a large harmony; attention to detail keeps the track interesting through repeated listening._Brandon William

Appleman - Colours

6. Yawn then Drill by Ot Damn!
Beautifully sad and ruff, my only complaint about this song is that it always seems to end before i'm done listening to it. On Ot Damn!'s album, Lazerands, this song offers a contrast to the rest of the very loud, very distorted fast-happy songs. It's beauty always takes me by surprise with 2 notes of bass in the entire song, it has just enough and never gets old._Brandon William

Ot Damn! - Yon Then Drill

7. Tree Nine by Chief Thundercloud
This song is a lucky cosmic happening. Chief Thundercloud sings into a tape player on a California beach about how he misses his girlfriend. This song rises above the classic cheesy love songs with such honesty, full of pure love lyrics such as, "and everything you say, shapes my whole day." I say this song is a cosmic happening because this song was recorded once onto a single track on tape, and all the levels and tones are perfect, along with the seals in the background who seemingly know when the perfect times to chime in are._Brandon William

Chief Thundercloud - Tree Nine

8. Golden Dawn - Renaissance Sun
Both inspired and disgusted by the documentary "Food Inc." Thom Lopes wrote this beautiful song, featuring a repeating-while-changing collage style of lyrics. This style is appropriate and effective considering the subject matter, for the movie makes the world seem like an endless stream of horrible things that keep repeating every day._Brandon William

Renaissance Sun - Golden Dawn

9. Tetrapods by Ot Damn!
This song seems to blast rainbows out of your speakers and be loud no matter how far you turn it down. Tired of hearing about the loudness wars from professors, Thom Lopes tried to record this as loud as possible, and succeeded. Singer Glenn La Race's lazy lyrics fall perfectly on the loud guitar, with such great lines as "tetrapods ya, i just sat down" and "i'm so high i could drink the clouds. yum."_Brandon William

Ot Damn! - Tetrapods

10. Euphoric Channels Reverse by PIG
The vocal melody of this song pulls me into my first lsd trip. Strange, not comparable to anything, and also very heavy._Brandon William

Pig - Euphoric Channels Reverse

11. Aries' Eyes - Rain/(sun)
A powerful psychedelic rock song, with booming trumpet that was recorded drunk in an empty warehouse. Every instrument in this song comes together to make one big booming sound, with Frank Lopes' distorted vocals laying over them perfectly, "Well these kids they love their guns, let's worship demons, and talk their crazy talk, and walk their crazy walk, into the sun."_Brandon William

Rain/(Sun) - Aries' Eyes

-Brandon William
-Mohamed El-Darwish

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