Monday, May 7, 2012

Micro Organs set to play Sled ISland

Micro Organs are in fact playing in SLED ISLAND Calgary June 20-23

"Climb inside a dead carcass and prepare for the apocalypse, because Halifax’s Micro Organs are going to raze the earth with their crunchy punk psychedelia. Jenny Gillespie and Mathieu Blanchard slash-and-burn across grungy, war-torn numbers and minimalistic experiments that drop them out of this world. “I’m sleeping off eternity,” haunts Gillespie, but you get the feeling she can’t wait to wake up."


check out the whole lineup, they got some Steve Malkmus, Tim Hecker, The Antlers, Archers of Loaf, Prince Rama. But look out for Micro Organs to steal the show.

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