Sunday, May 6, 2012

RADIATOR REVIEWS: Main Character - Universe(s)

Universe(s) starts off with some mixed feelings. Double Delay guitar fades into a loud overbearing cry from lead singer Joe Aidonidis, "Come on over, Let's see those hands". It seems like a reference to obscurity. Like a completely random statement taken out of context from ordinary life. It makes me imagine a little kid being asked by their mom to show their hands after washing them with soap. Universe(s) folk-centric approach seems in line with this idea. The singer appears to be dealing with chaos in his life, trying to make sense of the many conflicting emotions. Eventually finding relief in the piano drop in "Florence". "Life's always staring at you, stare back" says Aidonidis on "the (great) heart". The universes he is referring to are most likely are the ones within. "Nightmare of the Wales" which i assume is actually about Welsh nightmares, breaks up the more accessible pop in which Main Character displays the inner cacophony. "I touched the river" is more of light swing in to a more pleasant state. Manic depressive or emotionally well-rounded, it all depends on how you look at it. I feel a little mixed about this album as well. It has some shaky spots, some pitchy vocals, some programmed drums take too much attention in the overall mix on How do you sleep. However, I also think this album has something that many people will relate to. The idea that our own lives, while important to us, are cyclical and fairly innocuous. It will definitely not be everyone's cup of tea. For one thing Indie-folk/pop/rock is becoming increasingly common. That is to say, many will feel that they heard these ideas already. Another thing is that it noticeably lacks the aesthetic of "cool". That filter many put on their albums straining the flaws and putting on a mask. What it does have is something that reminds me of Italian-Neorealism. I guess you could call it "unfiltered" 7.2

Main Character - The (Great) Heart

reviewed by Mohamed El-Darwish RADIATOR COLLECTIVE 2012

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