Saturday, October 23, 2010

RADIATOR REVIEWS: Broken Deer/Fuck Montreal Split

The sounds of Broken Deer's Lindsay Dobbin on "Ancestral Blonde" seem to eminate from a bleak dark basement. The room tones are prominent features in these tracks hosting minimal strings and fragile sythisizer frequencies. Damp Dark and Gritty, the vocals speak of the natural world as if lamenting or grieving. sparse lo-fi textures accent the overall sound. Dynamic changes in volume and texture occur between tracks often making full abuse of the analog process. Dobbin shows a brighter side of broken deer as well, with wind-channeling phasers and tin-sounding guitar strings. The vocals span the range from soprano to ultra soprano with a broken graceful quality. like a dead animal with its eyes wide open staring into yours, Broken Deer will likely leap into your soul with its dark and eerie sound. A good listen for anyone interested in lo-fi recording techniques.

Fuck Montreal are a band with many faces, many sounds, none more startlingly satanic than daad is dead, Jenna Empey sounds downright possessed. Screaming vocals and meatgrinder organ carries the song into a dissassembled like piano concerto and the horror circus continues. The duo channel the ghost of daniel johnston for a while until the noise takes control followed by psychosemantic plastered grunge goth with plenty of brickwall tracks low in the mix. The side continues with a scribbler style noise interlude (think scannopapia). Empey sounds more like a witch than a demon near the end, shrieking instead of screaming. A really unique vocal approach which makes for an intense performnce. A folky stomp rounds out the side with guest appearances by Chief Thundercloud and Appleman there is plenty of vocal talent to go around. Band guitarist, Alex Currie, known for electrifying lead guitar plays hardly any lead and lends to air to occultist mysticism and backyard parables. 7.9

reviewed by Mohamed El-Darwish RADIATOR COLLECTIVE 2010

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