Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NEW MERCH: Mess Folk/Fuck Montreal Split cassette

Fuck Montreal - Knife Fuck

Mess folk
1. back on the chef
2. don't steal my medication
3. high as hell
4. i beat my woman sometimes
(and she likes it)
5. no jobs
6. postmodern man

adam white - drums
dale fahey - bass
shane o'handley - guitar
philip tarr - vocals

Fuck Montreal
1. bucket of blood
2. knife fuck
3. sneeze for satan
4. d.a.a.d is d-e-a-d and
bones in the ground
5. i pour bees on myself
6. the black hills
7. i’m on fire (the boss)

blair smith - drums
jonathan carroll - bass, keys, vocals
alex currie - guitar, vocals
jenna empey - vocals, drums

all tracks recorded by alex currie in the murder house basement.
mixed by alex currie and francisco lopes. Thanks to al from scotch,
craimy for gear borrowing and franc for additional mixing.
radiator collective / scotch tapes 2010


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