Saturday, July 7, 2012

RADIATOR REVIEWS: The Free Mansons - Their Satanic Majesties Third Request

The third installment in Their Satanic Majesties trilogy, is more an homage to the Brian Jonestown Massacre "Thank God For Mental Illness" as opposed to a continuation of the beatles-rippin' sixties-trippin side of the Rolling Stones (who ironically sounded their best when they essentially copied the Beatles). Thick globby synth lines glue down the opening track, which has a pop-friendly hook. "Doom Cloud" is more classic Free Manson's sounding, kraut-influenced with hints of 60's folk-rock as well as the fat, big-muff bass lines of 90's era seattle grunge. "Blue Neptune", in all its glory, is the track in which the dynamic paradigm is set.. beginning slow and quiet while building up to a massive, roof-raising, fist-bumping ode to the king himself, crashing slowly like the tide and rocking headfirst into "Heat of this Gun".

"I feel the heat of this gun. I love love love love you my love, i'd kill just about anyone for you"_("Heat Of This Gun", Track 4)

The Free Mansons are not afraid to say it, whatever it may be. This track was born out of an idea we had as a band that we could use a "band gun" to rob other bands of their gear while on tour (albiet a great idea, we never did follow through on that one).

One thing i really like about this album is the shameless lack of filler or "non-songs". "Green Queen" contains a simple and yet profoundly snare-free drum set as well as a most curiously distorted and replayable anti-solo on guitar. "Soft Soft Sea" continues the aquatic theme via grunge guitar, big muff base and apoxy glue synth lines. "Golden Hair" breaks up this consistent theme as Franc Lopes channels Anton Newcombe and Skip Spense, while "Ten Swords Of Light" appears to draw inspiration from the mystical stylings of Athen's own Elf Power. Third Request treads in witch house territory, as well as experimental and avant-folk. Capped off by a re-invention of scribbler's "Clouds Like Knives". Listening to this album I feel like I should be reading up on some Aleister Crowley or drinking beer in the heat. The Free Mansons rarely dissapoint, it's no surprise that they continue to innovate the DIY in subtle ways whilst flying under-the-radar. 7.8

The Free Mansons - Golden Hair

The Free Mansons - Ten Swords Of Light

reviewed by Mohamed El-Darwish RADIATOR COLLECTIVE 2012

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