Monday, January 30, 2012

RADIATOR REVIEWS : Kid Mountian - Visitor Center EP

Kid Mountain's Visitor Center EP definitely has a lot going for it. It sounds GOOD. Its a Good sounding album, very upbeat as well. There is a certain something missing from the album in terms of lyrical substance however. Its pretty hard to sing along to, and the lyricist doesn't quite bring the performance to the microphone. But this is a young band. In both a literal sense and in their particular style of folk rock. Youthful, joyous, trouble-free, "hey, u look like u could use a vacation" kinda sound. The band sounds its best well produced and instrumental. The drums are significantly interesting piece of the overall sound which is based on acoustic guitar. One of my issues with the record is that the constant open chord guitar strumming can get kind of campy. But then again, perhaps Kid Mountain want me to feel like a kid at camp.

The Name Kid Mountain itself brings me to a place that feels more like adolescence. With a name that definitely reps the greater New England and a sound equally distinctive. I would probably be smoking grass with my pals by a crackling fire with beers on hand, listening to this band called Kid Mountain between some early Decemberists and late modest mouse. But Still i feel like something is missing. Each time i want to let the album take hold it seems to fall short. Context matters, and anyone who pretends to be objective is lying to themselves as well as everyone else. This album to me feels like another band from my hometown i knew of in high school with tons of ambition, but a sound that doesn't take the necessary risks to be compelling. At the same time i enjoy it. Especially the track "Ghost Ghost". That song, as well as other moments on the totally free EP make me believe they are on the verge of something. I'd keep an eye on these guys. 6.7

reviewed by Mohamed El-Darwish RADIATOR COLLECTIVE 2011

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