Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lord Jeff - Penny Heaven

Attention Hippies, the new summer jam for this fall is "Penny Heaven" by The Lord Jeff's. There really needs to be a brand of whisky named after these guys. So much here to enjoy production-wise as well as the general guitar shreddery customary to Lord Jeff's style, rooted firmly in good old honest rock n roll. Seemingly anthemic in nature, "Penny Heaven" is a good snapshot of what it sounds/feels like to live in massachussets. Also see DOM the band from Worcester for the sound of our basement parties. I think the Jeff stayed at DOM's place while they were on tour, maybe they have the same sound engineer wouldn't surprise me the way this song as well as the recent ironic hipster summer track "Spillwave" was produced seem quite similar very compressed with crisp twinkly highs.

Penny Heaven - Lord Jeff

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