Sunday, July 10, 2011

RADIATOR REVIEWS: Meat Curtains - Eden Disorder

Eden Disorder is meant to shock, offend even sicken those who people who believe obscenity has no place in art. A Myth that has been thoroughly debunked a long time ago yet is still clung to by conservative ideology and the like. This album is trying to destroy everything that quiet townspeople, kindergarden schoolteachers and your own grandmother hold dear: normalcy, decency and pleasantry. The grand illusion of suburban normalcy is nowhere to be found on this album, instead it leaves you feeling filthy and raw. The band takes the aggression associated with male-dominated hardcore punk and convert it into a strictly sexual testament to female POWER. A Powerfully screamed reminder that you were born out your mothers vagina covered in afterbirth. The stage personas of the band, affectionately named after luncheon meats, are women who eat men for breakfast, castrate them and give them genital herpes and they are not apologizing for anything. "I Hate Rock and Roll", the album opener, is a reflexive look at the apathetic nature of power chords in rock that has affected the music in such a deep way. "I'm so bored of these three-chords, i'd rather just sit at home". While Eden Disorder is by all means and definitions an album meant to shock you it also contains a lot of poignant messages about punk rock, sex role stereotypes and even has a track defending Yoko Ono saying "she was hanging out with [John] Cage, When the Beatles were all the rage, so don't diss Yoko, Ono Oh No." A statement which I find both true and utterly fucking hilarious. The sound got an upgrade as well as it sounds like Meat Curtains moved out of the basement and into the studio for this record and someone actually engineered the tracks. MC cover Delta 5 with a noteworthy sexy funky bass line, making the final moments on the album some of the most rewarding. It is very cohesive; Meat Curtains definitely have a style, incredibly passionate vocals, slow floor tom heavy drum beats, dirty power chord inflected guitar riffs and big muff pussy bass lines. Admittedly repetitive, but the band always uses that repetition to say something, something real, and something that many people will not like to hear and for that they deserve some real respect. 9.0

reviewed by Mohamed El-Darwish RADIATOR COLLECTIVE 2011

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