Monday, July 4, 2011

RADIATOR REVIEWS: Fuck Montreal/Appleman - Explore A Spooky Swamp

A beautiful tiny organ begins Fuck Montreal's side of this journey into the spooky swamp, "gypsy love song" is as honest a tune as warm as the organ hum. The further down the swamp you travel the murkier the territory. "People Say I'm No Good" somehow manages to sound as crazy sadistic and batshit insane as the manson version. Fuck Montreal cover Roy Orbison with the future-cool modern dissonance and the kind of crazy handcrafted feel only a cult can deliver. Bizzare and twisted as it is, it uses its sounds in ways that always seem to be exploring something new. It a place your unfamiliar with, but you've always wanted to go to, then you go and find out it is both creepy and awesome and you return with some haunted treasure chest. Inside is Applemans side. "Colours", is pure 8-track gold. Appleman simply cannot contain himself in these recordings as he seems so happy to be singing for you. "Oh What A Beautiful Day" immediately follows with the infectious, joyous well built, well written songs Appleman seems to have no shortage of. With elements of folk guitar rock of CSNY and slight R&B vocals that are distinctly toned to the applehead mythos, its so warm and subtle. This album is delicious because it uses delicious ingredients. "Silly Dreamer" and "Whatever" are no less beautiful and both deserve being mentioned as they are fantastic as the latter evokes a sunset on a desert plain. The album comes to an epic conclusion with the two bands collaborating for the song "doppleganger". I don't know what everyone looks for in an album, everyone is different, but whatever that thing is for you, this album probably has it. Fuck Montreal's side gets deeper every listen, and the Appleman side almost surprisingly doesn't wear thin for all its sweetness and simplicity. Its one of those tapes. 9.6

reviewed by Mohamed El-Darwish RADIATOR COLLECTIVE 2011

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