Friday, June 24, 2011

RADIATOR REVIEWS: Micro Organs - And Her Ugly Aura

With their first track "Gentle Little Shakes", blasting power chords along with some much needed cowbell opens the album very well and "Ne'er Do Well" has this kind of quiet slow drum beat that slowly picks up a bit, breaks down and then speeds up again that gives it this real grunge sound to it. My favorite song would have to be "Crooked Hairs", with Gillespie humming in the background reminds me of some snake charmer playing a flute, hypnotizing the chorus. "Tincture" gives this intermission like transition where the Flipper influenced feedback almost sounds like their just tuning or getting ready to get the audience pumped up and then it totally goes in another direction with "Microbes" making the singers voice clearer and then when the chorus comes in with the singer saying "you still wont admit you know what I mean", the guitar really goes distorted like Slint or the Pixies giving that system of quiet;loud;quiet. The end of "Tincture" with the singer going "nothing" made me think of what the song title actually meant. You start to hear an audience in the background almost as if it's live or almost to say their leaving the show and going back to reality. This meaning of the word tincture is actually an alcoholic extract so to say that their the leaving the party and going back to albums title or reality, makes some sense to at least this writer. Either that or her saying nothing at the end meaning this whole thing to her means nothing. Just a few perspectives you may get from listening to this album. The song "Microbes" lyrics go into great depth about how small we are on this earth. "do you remember when were microbes? floating up from a brine we rose to breathe in the air and start rooting hair", whenever I hear this lyric I think of amoebas evolving with those little hairs they have. Each song really does connect very well because after "Microbes" or as if the beginning of earth, "God's Song" comes next, a slow jam where the singer speaks to god who supposedly came as a ghost in the form of man and asked her to sing his song. The singer acts throughout this whole album as a person who should not be in these situations and doesn't know how she got here, and then what follows are very amusing lyrics "so i went down to the valley asked lucifer to heal my incantation my indignation and he said, no". When lucifer says there's only one way to go, I suppose that was referring to the creation of the album itself, but to ask lucifer to heal the spell god put on her is just ludicrous and to ask him to relieve her of this duty of singing gods song is very bold to say the least. The lyrics in this song definitely show the singer trapped between both worlds. "Grass Bed" reminds me of a My Bloody Valentine song mixed in with either a bit of whistling or a theremin (can't pinpoint which it is), definitely the perfect song to be lying in a field of grass while listening to. This song signifies death, or the end of the album, with god rejecting her and the lucifer unwilling to help her, she lies in her grass bed and sings the song god asked her to sing. Grass bed could be a reference to a grave where we all to end up when we die. So If you wanted to create a design for a generic post punk band then the micro organs certainly nailed it. Although its a bit repetitive, its something so catchy that anyone can enjoy. This album can be a bit bare boned and a little simple, but sometimes simple ideas are the ones that resonate with the most clarity. This would be called your bread and butter album, something to get the average rock and roller up out of their chair. The band name Micro Organs may be referring to the whole world as little micro organisms just bouncing around with no path or destination but on And Her Ugly Aura could it mean the own vocalist's feeling of being out of touch with these micro organisms, or does she have an ugly feeling about the whole world? 7.6

Micro Organs - Ne'er Do Well

reviewed by Michael Clark RADIATOR COLLECTIVE 2011

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