Friday, May 27, 2011

RADIATOR REVIEWS: Scribbler - Prussia

Prussia is Scribbler's first album, er... well it's the first album which contains mostly songs and not highly experimental noise music [See Scannopapia]. This album owes quite a bit to a lot of noise rock bands from the 1990's, but what makes Scribbler unique lies in the dreadful shriek of Lead Singer Craig Currie. A sound that will instantly divide listeners into love-hate sub-divisions. On Prussia, Scribbler appear to be a young band still searching for their sound, one they would soon find in their next release, the quintessential Backitus. Likewise, Currie is still finding his voice and while its obviously got the volume and a unique timbre, its also pitchy, harsh and at times quite uncomfortable. On the other hand it does convey certain emotions rather well; most often panic and nostalgia. The softer moments are what really shine on this LP ("Follicle", "Rhinestone Nipples", "Abscond North" as well as a heavenly rendition of Lord Byron's "Stanzas For Music"). Tracks like "Burn Styrofoam", "Croscarmellose" and "Dramamine" reveal that while the band are still finding their chops in some areas they are seasoned pros at creating atmospheric and ambient noise music. A few louder moments on this LP really stand out on their own as well. The noisy rocking finale of "Fountain of Youth" and "Larry" reveal the true potential behind Scribbler's scrappy debut. But the Record itself feels more like a stepping stone in the bands career than the main event. 6.0

reviewed by Mohamed El-Darwish RADIATOR COLLECTIVE 2011

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