Monday, April 18, 2011

Noisography Show Review: Scribbler

Sweet Noisography Review

After the slow build of Cactus Flower, the crowd prepared themselves with nervous energy for a (long over due?) Scribbler set/reunion. With the core 4 piece membership, though sadly lacking Nathan Pilon's rampaging synthesizer, the band threw down a set of new and classic Scribbler songs. The band sounded as chaotic as in their hayday, but the guitars and vocals were tighter and more polished, though they still gave off the desperate sense of dread Craig Currie is known for. Scribbler have long been a Halifax staple, with their creepy, schizophrenic, noise inspired rock. We all hope they stick around and play a few more sets, because these guys should be a famous band - if Neutral Milk Hotel and Half Japanese can make it - so should Scribbler._Dan Nightengale (Noisography)

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