Saturday, April 2, 2011

Brain Mountain - Something Else For Us To Work On

A wave of particles dancing like smoke in the outskirts of the universe, oscillating within your mind. An echo of self denial hovering with synthesizers soaring over such a sweet beat, a guitar solo orbiting in it’s own galaxy, and spiraling surreal vocals sliding up and down mountain ranges of the brain._Glenn La Race Jr.

Brain Mountain's ideas really do seem to come from the edge of a certain frontier, call it the Mind, the Self, Space, God, what have you. The production may be seemingly over-sweetened at times, it is very "un-hip", Mountain is just being himself. If its not Cool, The pristine instrumentation and heart-hitting vocals however combine to create something deeply personal with a purity and depth as vast as space itself. Not an easy feat, but brain mountain makes it look easy._Mohamed El-Darwish

Brain Mountain - Something Else For Us To Work On

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