Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Smooth Lenny Bio

Smooth Lenny is a multi-instrumentalist from England.

He played the guitar, bass, drums keyboards, french horn , harmonica, Harmonia, harp, clave, marimba and anything he could get his hands on.
Lenny had at least fourty albums. sadly, nearly half of them burnt in a fire. Some were restored, which are the ones his management team is releasing now. Yes, they are taken from charred acetates.

Lenny, as George Martin described "loved all of his music, but hated whatever he was working on at the moment" . George Martin was a key component in the later Lenny albums such as "Black Cherry" which will be released February 9th. He played a major role in keeping Lenny together.

[QUOTE] from (Smooth Sailing: My time with Smooth Lenny by George Martin) Martin describes a particular situation when "Lenny burst through the door wearing a black cape that covered his entire body including half his face... He began to run around the room, yelling to himself, and dropping what seemed to be an endless amount of instruments from under his cape in different parts of the room... What I realize now is that he was trying to build the environment of the recording by determining where he would play the instruments..."

Smooth Lenny - Untitled Masterpiece #7

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