Monday, January 10, 2011

RADIATOR REVIEWS: Gerald Steadman - Zero

At 2:31, the album opener "Day By Day" drags on forever and kinda hurts to listen to, its out of phase, peaking etc. "Heroes and the Brave" is a much better starting point. Better in every way, better mixing better vocals, more instruments. At 3:17 it feels shorter than than "Day by Day" and i didn't even want it to end.

Gerald Steadman - Heroes and the Brave

this is where Zero begins to take shape. "Sunday May 9th" and "Murmured Words" are well written. Gerald Steadman applies classical styles to folk guitar and these minimalist recordings utilize the bare minimum of bedroom recordings, guitars, shakers, and claps, occasionally breaking out into intense 80's tinged guitar solos.

Gerald Steadman - No Way To Trust

"Voices" is a harmony-laden list of questions. Everything from "Who's hands do i control?" to "Am I You?" its got a certain quality of moonlight, bedtime stories, folk tales. The only track with any keyboard, "Broken Man", delves into the guilty pleasure of electro-pop but the record still leaves something to be desired. Its acoustic guitar heavy, has a couple issues with pacing and starts and ends on its weakest notes. On the positive theres a good 10 minute stretch between "heroes and the brave" and "No Way to trust" that more than definitely worth listening to if not only for the writing. 5.8

reviewed by Mohamed El-Darwish RADIATOR COLLECTIVE 2011

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