Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lucas Forbes interview

The Rock Shaman plays with Renaissance Sun, Dandy Zander and has his own project in The Other. now he asks himself a few questions

1. What are we to be aware of?


The amazing effect our thoughts and actions have on our environments

2. What is your secret to concentration?


We have to accept endless distractions.

3. Have you ever encountered a depression?


We need to know that sadness is anger and anger is from fear.

4. What is an individual?


The Universe, a mirror sees nothing, it only reflects.

5. What separates people?


Some admire and others desire, personalities like seasons and climates.

6. What can we expect?


The unexpected does happen, and it happens twice.

7. Where is your favorite place to be?


Home can be a good state of mind.

8. What brings people together?


The soul must be freed, at whatever the cost.

9. What is the primary law of the individual’s universe?


Sow the seeds of Synchronicity with good deeds, look around for clues.

10. When is change necessary, what can we do for ourselves?


Let the world come to you, irritations are something we do to ourselves. Keep in mind that a bird caged too long may not go when it’s released. After all, we can only discover what is already there.

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