Wednesday, December 22, 2010


From the rising Canadian label Electric Voice comes the cacophonous debut of Milksnake. Don't be fooled by the Utopian cover art, this release is as dark and gritty as we have come to expect from the likes of former PIG member Matt Samways and the underground Canadian-Punk sound. It remains listenable despite being disjuncted and each track comes off sounding like its own idea rather than the usual generic punk rehash. I would describe it as Heavy Psychedelia, or Post-Satanic. When i heard that the main member of Milksnake was actually, how do you say, a "non-musician", the whole meaning of the record changed for me. This is where Milksnake begins to tread in the avant-garde, revealing itself as more of a unique artistic statement. What happens when you take someone with almost no musical background and devote an entire record to their instrumental musings? Aren't we all but composers of our own symphonic experience? Whilst Listening to the record with my friend Brandon William, he noted interestingly enough that it sounded like a bunch of solid colors all smushed together. In this record, Milksnake's main member, simply known as Kyle, seems to be completely free from the limitations and expectations many musicians, often without even noticing, constrain themselves with. Like a young Jackson Pollock throwing buckets of every color paint at a brick wall. Each distorted electric guitar chord another splash of color accented by crisp lo-fi tones and fluid drums which are not the least bit interested in such trivial matters as keeping time. Its not an easy listen but its the kind of experience that is likely to grow you and yet another example of a record where you get back only what you put in, the more you listen the more it will reward you. 7

reviewed by Mohamed El-Darwish RADIATOR COLLECTIVE 2010

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