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RADIATOR REVIEWS: Moon//Mountain - Teepee E.P.

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::LibraSounds. There is a dark grungy side, the side we all know. Lo-fi compression, noisy textures fading in and out, gritty distorted vocals, folky guitar and general cult activity. But then another side emerges in the form of crystal-clear, hi-fi, made-for-cd recording that Brain Mountain and Renaissance Sun deliver in Moon//Mountain. The Teepee featured on the front cover was the genesis of Rain/(Sun), of which Brain Mountain and Thom Lopes (ren. sun) are members.

Renaissance Sun - Golden Top

The record begins with the earthy "Golden Top". Right away the focus is on notation and the rising melody of golden top suits the imagery. "I think its time to see the top of this mount" Ren. Sun's side is centered from the beginning like one larger idea than the individual tracks. Transitioning from the naturalist mantra into oceanic space travel on "Her Revolution" makes for a very strong opening. "Solstice" sounds like astral alignment.

Renaissance Sun - Golden Dawn

"Golden Dawn" is a crazy free-association between the dystopian reality of homogenization and fast food with the teachings of Aliester Crowley. "Corn feeds the world on its golden wings" raises a good point about the illusion of variety in our supermarkets. Moon//Mountain as a whole is equal parts melody/composition and a very high level of production/mixing. the cosmic vision takes you from a root in the ground and leaves you stranded in anomalous space/time and lucid dreaming. 9.1

Renaissance Sun - Rain Dawn

On to Brain Mountains Side, which has a distinctly stripped down sound. Jangly guitar, hand percussion, no-bass, and Brain's signature high-pitched background vocals drenched in reverb blend with the smokey raspy irishness of his voice. Brain provides an uncluttered mix with focus on notes and lyrical content. "Dream To Sun" is a particularly memorable.

Brain Mountain - Dream To The Sun

Brain Mountain - ~~~

Brain Mountain - Shine

Brain Mountains songs are usually either uplifting or beyond sadness like "Key Of E" the tracks jump between these two extremes and Brain is Direct in his delivery, however there is significantly less to enjoy on the Mountain side compared to the Moon side. 7.0

"magic mountain of my dreams spread yourself beyond, infiltrate the minds of those who cannot feel your bond" (Magic Mountain)

reviewed by Mohamed El-Darwish RADIATOR COLLECTIVE 2010

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