Saturday, November 13, 2010

RADIATOR REVIEWS: Mess Folk/Fuck Montreal Split

Take the sound of Halifax Hooligans Fuck Montreal and toast it to a blackened crisp. Add 2 parts grunge and grime. stir with sludgy bass. Sounds more like "Winter Mange" with Jonothan Carrol on bass and blair smith on drums solidifying their roles. Fuck Montreal seems to draw from the endless folklore of B-movies. All new versions of "Bucket of Blood", "daad is dead", "I Pour Bees On Myself" and the stellar power ballad "Knife Fuck" take a different approach to the original recordings. Sounds like 60's surf and psychedelia filtered through 80's hardcore and 90's grunge. Jenna Empeys vocals are arguably the defining feature of the groups sound, but this new split with mess folk has each member making their presence felt. Al Currie's vocals have been mixed up and Carrol's Bass and Smith's drums keeps it. The Lyrics are quite humorous, dealing with the more comical side of sadism with lines like "you're spewing blood, i know its love" or "I sleep with knives!". Standout tracks include "Im On Fire" and "Knife Fuck".

Mess Folk side is a raw, funky and fuzzy freakout oozing with an "i don't give a fuck" punk ethos. High energy, uptempo punk like a lo-fi basement set. Plenty of attitude and the songs seem to be there as well. "I beat my woman sometimes (and she likes it)" is a startlingly groovy and danceable break with a catchy guitar hook. And the side comes to an end in spastic punk rock fashion. not revolutionary but good shit nonetheless. 8

reviewed by Mohamed El-Darwish RADIATOR COLLECTIVE 2010

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