Monday, November 29, 2010

Pig Done?

Are the fantastic foursome from Truro calling it quits? The Answer is well sort of. Pig as a band is done. Over. Pig have pulled a Jerry Seinfeld and gone out at the top of their craft (have you heard Tragic Venus!?). Read all about it in THE COAST's article below:

"For the past three years, PIG has been a lynchpin in Truro’s burgeoning music scene. The band, who sort of defy description—-Weird Canada calls them “adjective-punk,” which works for me—-experiment with drone and noise in a purely uncalculated and intuitive way. This becomes twice as scary when you realize most of them are just barely out of high school. When we heard the band was finished, we were bummed, but we also know that their sound and attitude will live on in other realms. We emailed Tyler Fleck, who confirms: “I think all the people in PIG have some sort of project on the side at this point,” he says. His explanation for the split is equally succinct: “I can’t speak for the rest of the band, but I think it’s the simple matter that we`ve done all that we could do. PIG began as a sort of experiment that came naturally and that aspect of the band has never really left. At the same time we just kind of slowly deteriorated, like most things do over time.”

I'm very fortunate to have seen Pig play live when i was in Halifax a few years ago, i didn't feel so good at the time, probably had something to do with the 13 hour drive from Massachussetts and me subsequently getting drunk the second we arrived at Murderhouse. They were positively brutal, definitely from the future and blacker than the blackest nightshade. Awesome. I don't see the end of the band as much of a bad thing, as Tyler Fleck said, they really did all they set out to do and in a few years have cemented a legacy of goth-wave iconoclast perfection. Pig have been one of the most critically acclaimed bands in Radiator, with Weird Canada's Aaron Levin being one the most vocal proponents of their music. They have been extremely influencial on the fringe of Canadian music and retained artistic integrity throughout. They wont be called pig any more but you can bet this isn't the last you've heard of them. _Moham

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