Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Art Feature: Smeat

Cracker Paps producer and ludlow Mass resident artist Ryan Barch, aka Smeat, makes music that mixes mainstream dance club with bad celebrities, pcp, acid and obscure pop culture samples. As a visual artist, Smeat likes using anthropomorphic animal subjects with emphasis on vertical and horizontal lines within several layers of balanced spatial and temporal compositions. i got a chance to ask him a few questions which are posted below. Here: Visual art, Feast Your eyes

(Q)Moham: what inspires you to make your art?

(A)Smeat: what inspires me is very litttle things that happen in my day, my everyday, my thoughts through my days are what inspire me. its always the minor details that set me off to the bigger ideas about what would be looked at as small or obscure or meaningless. dreams have an influence as well

Moham: what is the significance of the animals in place of human subjects?

Smeat: well im used to seeing people, animal anatomy and animals tendencys are also fascinating to me because they are so much like us, due to us being animals we're are just able to make machines and civilisations and weapons that's all no difference really

Moham: what your most preferred method of artistic expression? pen and paper, paint on canvas, or wood?

Smeat: all of the above. my method is whatever i have in my reach.

Moham: what style would you call your music in the cracker paps?

Smeat: hahahahaha well i would say i absolutely DO NOT KNOW. its smeat style i guess. no genres or all genres. noise/rock/tecno/philcollens/space music i guess. its similar to the sound of the album, but to place it into a concise type of music, is very limiting so ill say noise music to gain a demographic

Cracker Paps - Dental Hygenist Riot

Moham: could each song title subsequently be the genre of each song?

Smeat: Yes

Moham: final question, what would a cracker paps show typically consist of?

Smeat: household products and jellybeans maybe some streamers and bull horns

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