Friday, October 15, 2010

Le Coques Et Les Phoques/ Oh Beautiful Majestic Eagle - Terracoitus


Le Coque Et Les Phoques - Thunderclap (live)

Before there were the Meat Curtains brand of ultra-feminist, aggressive, sexsplotation punk that is currently on tour in canada there was the vulgaritis ensnared, sexplosion pop of Le Coque Et Les Phoques, A half french speaking half english urban dictionary of deplorable sex acts which i firmly applaud, featuring some of the dirtiest bass lines in music. What i like so much about these bands, particularly meat curtains, is how no matter how offensive their lyrics may seem (to women and men), they always deliver them from a position of POWER. Oh beautiful Majestic eagle is a band that sounds like a highly collaborative, synth happy basement rock. These retro, golden age tracks are all done in glorious lofi.

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