Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tragic Venus :: Immanant Diety

PIG on Weird Canada

Pig - Tragic Venus

Pig - Immanent deity

"On (possibly) their last release, PiG drill into a heady mix of miscreant-skiddery and Lorca-era Tim Buckley. It’s sundown at the crest of oblivion and PiG remain defiant, twisting the threads of their home-brewed, basement psychedelia for your voyeuristic pleasure. Their spastic death-punk has fermented into an outerworld sonomoly; a dialectic entombed by Matt Samways’ fearless mantra. “Tragic Venus”‘ piercing bass and shimmering clamour populate your neural pathways with the lysergic elements required to process the droning “Imminent Deity.” This new, indivisible sound is surrounded with “Outro”‘s industrial racket and solidifies their shrine within Canada’s fringe vortex. PiG remain a huge inspiration for Weird Canada. For that, and so much more, we will miss them dearly. XOXOGRIPXOXO."_ Aaron Levin

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