Thursday, June 10, 2010

Micro Organs Press

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Jenny Gillespie (also of Meat Curtains) first began performing solo under the name Oil Spills and Microrganisms in 2008, but has since switched to the shorter Micro Organs. She teamed up with drummer Mathieu Blanchard in October of last year---“I thought you were good, I wanted to play with you,” Blanchard pipes up from behind, over the phone. Starting off as a combination of folk and experimentation with electronics and cassettes, Gillespie has gotten a bit louder with the addition of a band member.

“I’ve been writing grungier riffs since Matt joined, playing more electric,” she says. “It’s punk and grungy but with a melodic voice.” Micro Organs has released material on some Radiator Collective compilations and they’re looking at recording a full-length album this summer. Gillespie was excited to play Radiator’s showcase at the Obey Convention recently. “There were a lot of people who don’t usually come out, and it was kind of fun to be rushed.”

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