Monday, April 5, 2010

Fuck Montreal reviewed at YellowGreenRed

Fuck Montreal Winter Mange 7″ (Radiator/Stumparumper) 2009

"The unfortunately-named Stumparumper Records has made it their mission to release a wide variety of unknown and maligned bands through its short existence, the most recent being that of Nova Scotian band Fuck Montreal. My political views are staunchly pro-Montreal, yet something about Fuck Montreal’s spazzy attack makes me want to keep this one rather than flip (out my window into Ralph’s Italian Restaurant’s dumpster). An LP would drive me nuts, but the seven songs they squeezed here run the gamut from squirrelly punk rock to introspective, half-baked drone, all with a female singer who sounds like she’s been dying to get a microphone in front of her face since she first learned to talk. Reminds me of all those weirder mid-90s Recess Records bands, like Les Turds or Annie & Candy Clutz or Chickenhead, bands who used punk rock as an excuse to bother their friends and neighbors (a reasoning I applaud). And by the time I
noticed that the last track is titled “I Pour Bees On Myself”, Fuck Montreal have won me over." YellowGreenRed

this album is still available at the insanely low price of $3.50 in the US ($6.35 in Canada and $9 anywhere else). Get your very own copy at if you live in the US this is a steal.

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