Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pig Press

"Pig was a great start to this year's HPX, setting up amp over amp and piling the small Gus' stage with eight musicians (four were Radiator Collective chums). Pig was late getting set up because they were back at Radiator headquarters practicing the set the first time together. The sound was indescribable... Drinking Colt 45 outback I had a chance to chat with these boys from Truro. Not only were they proudly wearing Stanfield's longjohns, but they revealed they settled on the name Pig after playing with a Ouija Board. Matt, aka Dream Pig, also confessed to being only 16 years old (the rest of the band are 18 or 20). "I’m not going to school [tomorrow]. It’s a personal leave."

_Mike Landry THE COAST

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