Wednesday, September 2, 2009



Chief Thundercloud - Not Underwater

The Radiator Family/Scribbler - Sky Eye

scribbler - rise below satan

france and the free mansons - cult of two

pig - fight boring, all human life

fuck montreal - bucket of blood

Chief Thundercloud - I Left You There

vacuum - my piss is greener than my spit

sadie mae

money over bitches (fresh) - hogan aint nothin but a bitch, bitch

hoop dreams - nba jams

Ot Damn! - court order


cheif thundercloud - racoons theme

chris d'eon

rain/sun - o

scribbler - jellyfishes ghost

brain sandwich - hello

appleman & the tapedeck - this must be the place

the hostas - liger

scribbler - off my roof

oil spill/micro organs - harvest

Renaissance Sun - Calypso

scribbler - mouse and the boat

pig - tgcb

meat curtains - honeymoon

renaissance sun - transmissions from the moon

scribbler - zzzzzz

rain/(sun) - space time, let me out

scribbler - aributus

Le Coques Et Les Phoques - Booty Juice

Ot Damn! - Gato The Dog

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